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At Unique Journeys we travel pretty constantly, indulging our unquenchable thirst to experience the culture, art, history, food, lifestyle and people of the far corners of this diverse planet.

Recently, we spent Christmas and New Years in Florence and Rome, magical cities at a lovely time of year. We also explored the Emerald Isle via the luxury train Grand Hibernian, and spent some time in the spectacular southwestern Colorado scenery of Mesa Verda. And we've been re-exploring the Perigord, boating the Lot River with old friends, and experiencing the fjords of Norway, Coastal Cornwall, and river cruising on the Rhine & Blue Danube.



























Over the years friends and acquaintances have increasingly asked for advice and help in planning trips of their own, after hearing stories and seeing images of our journeys.

As a result, we've built a small custom-travel planning business oriented toward select and discriminating clients. Our broad and deep travel experience gives us the ability to organize terrific trips based on first-hand knowledge. The experiences of almost 40 years gives us the capacity to render highly relevant and targeted travel advice. For more information, see the 'About Us' section--click on the link at the top right.

The links to the right contain stories, reminiscences and photographs of places we've been to and loved. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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