Troy Hightower

Highly Customized Travel Planning

At Unique Journeys we specialize in custom trip planning, with all details carefully arranged. We travel pretty frequently, and this experience gives us the ability to organize terrific trips based on first-hand knowledge.

We craft custom itineraries--mostly fairly high end, to be quite honest, due to the nature of our limited clientele. We are able to provide information, service and advice that most travel agents can't.  Our experience of 35-plus years gives us a unique insight and an ability to provide deeply relevant travel advice, and to craft custom trip itineraries for our clients that are uniquely tailored to their desires.

If you're not satisfied with what your current travel agent can do, give us a call.


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Troy Hightower

707 318 6066


  Troy Hightower, Travel Consultant

Steven Hightower, Travel Writer/Photographer









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